Artist Bio


i. angelov

I.Angelov is a Bulgarian born abstract painter and a professional animation artist, based in Southern California. Angelov developed his admiration for abstract art in high school, where he was exposed to many of the prominent Bulgarian artists and  intellectuals of the day. He began his professional career in the mid 90s at the National Puppet Theatre, Blagoevgrad as a set designer and marionette makerHe came to America in 1998 to continue his education. 


He graduated from the Laguna College of Art & Design, CA in 2003, and ever since he’s been working in the LA animation industry as a storyboard artist, layout artist, and assistant director on both feature films and tv shows. His credits include Family Guy, The Simpsons, Barnyard, and others.


After spending almost 20 years producing mainly “commercial art,” with only intermittent painting, he came back to abstraction with full force again in 2020.

He works mainly with acrylics on canvas, with varying textures and occasional collage. His paintings are bold, animated, yet gentle and subtle. Color, shape, texture and line interlock to create a sort of colored map, a multichromatic guide for the fellow traveler.